Recent Before & After Photos

The Light Is....Leaking?

When the homeowners noticed their ceiling had started to bubble they didn't think much of it. But then the ceiling lights started to leak and they knew somethin... READ MORE

Rain Came To Play

A toy warehouse didn't realize they had a faulty roof until all of their inventory was soaking wet and needed to be stored at another facility. This is not some... READ MORE

Rain Rain Go Away

Southern California was hit hard with rains this past winter, something that a lot of people weren't prepared for. Specifically this department store, the roof ... READ MORE

Bathroom Fire

A vent fire damaged this bathroom in a home in Encino, CA. Once it was put out SERVPRO was on the scene and in the attic to remove all of the burnt and affected... READ MORE

Kitchen Pipe Break

A pipe that lays under the kitchen of this home burst one evening and caused major water damage. You can see in the before photo the hardwood flooring is damage... READ MORE

Water in the Walls and Ceiling

This home in Sherman Oaks, CA started to notice bubbling in the paint of their walls and ceiling. They called a leak detection company out to find where the wat... READ MORE

Mold Infested Ceilings

This home in Encino, CA had a massive mold problem that was overlooked until it took over multiple rooms within the home. Mold covered ceilings in two bedrooms,... READ MORE

Mold Remediation Specialists

In the before picture you can see that this home's kitchen has been taken over by mold. It affected so much of the wall that the adjacent living room walls also... READ MORE

Apartment Plaza Fire Loss

The before picture shows a kitchen fire that was the culprit of a large apartment plaza fire in Encino, California recently. This fire alone blazed through four... READ MORE

Garage Fire in Encino, CA

A garage fire had an unknown cause of loss burned everything in it's path. It was a messy cleanup to remove all of the large, non salvageable items that did not... READ MORE