Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Bathroom Fire

A vent fire damaged this bathroom in a home in Encino, CA. Once it was put out SERVPRO was on the scene and in the attic to remove all of the burnt and affected... READ MORE

Garage Fire in Encino, CA

A garage fire had an unknown cause of loss burned everything in it's path. It was a messy cleanup to remove all of the large, non salvageable items that did not... READ MORE

Home Fire Re-mediation

Sadly this beautiful home went up in flames early one morning and destroyed most of the garage and damages the rest of the house with soot and smoke damage. SER... READ MORE

Fire Roof Tarping

After this home went up in flames SERVPRO was called on the scene to help board up the entire home and tarp the roof. After everything was secure our technician... READ MORE

Fire Place Loses Control

You think your fire will stay contained if it is in the fire place, right? No, not always. This unlucky homeowner had a fire place that did not perform it's one... READ MORE

Entire House Goes Up In Flames

Ninety percent of this home and personal belongings were affected when a fire started in the garage that could not be contained quickly enough before the fire d... READ MORE

Smoke and Soot Clean Up

From a fire on the first floor of this apartment complex the upper floors still received some smoke and soot damage to the walls and floors. The HOA decided to ... READ MORE

Water Heater Fire, Encino CA

This burned down condo unit was the rest of a water heater fire. The extent of the fire affected about ten units with fire, smoke, and soot damage. The after pi... READ MORE