Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Hotel Mold Before & After

This hotel suffered a large water damage that affected multiple floors and hundreds of rooms, without realizing some of the rooms were affected microbial growth... READ MORE

Mold Infested Ceilings

This home in Encino, CA had a massive mold problem that was overlooked until it took over multiple rooms within the home. Mold covered ceilings in two bedrooms,... READ MORE

Mold Remediation Specialists

In the before picture you can see that this home's kitchen has been taken over by mold. It affected so much of the wall that the adjacent living room walls also... READ MORE

Mold Is Not a Tool

While mold might think it is being helpful, we try not to hurt it's feelings when we remove it. Because it is not helpful, mold can be harmful to your health. T... READ MORE

Unwanted Mold

This warehouse out in Encino, CA was invaded with mold this past winter. For a long time it was able to hide behind shelves of items without being scene. Until ... READ MORE

Moldy Ceiling in Classroom

Mold takes advantage of growing anywhere it can. This classroom suffered water damage and then mold growth. The after picture was taken the same day and class r... READ MORE

Moldy Closet, and Clothes, YUCK

These homeowners didn't realize how quickly mold can attack after a major rain storm like the one Southern California just witnessed. When SERVPRO Encino/Sherma... READ MORE