Fire Damage Photo Gallery

disaster recovery team trailer and two promaster vans with pressure washers

We Are Fully Equipped

Large-scale smoke and soot cleaning staging a 53 ft disaster recovery trailer. This trailer is self-contained with equipment, consumables, and PPE. The hot water trailer-mounted pressure washer with reclamations capabilities is depicted visually in the bottom right corner. Our team has 30 of these types of pressure washers.

crew standing outside

Commercial Restoration Crew

Our technicians are the pride and joy of our company. Every single one of them puts forth their best foot every time they are in the field and make SERVPRO the white glove restoration company we are meant to be. You can see here they are all wearing proper PPE for the job and take the work very seriously.

Attic Smoke Damage

A small attic fire that started after the homeowners had too many items packed into a small space. SERVPRO was able to come out and remove all the affected materials immediately to help with the air quality of the home. Our technicians removed over 10 bags of insulation from the attic.

Thomas Fire Destruction

This past December the Thomas Fire swept through Southern California destroying countless homes and businesses. SERVPRO of Encino/Sherman Oaks was onsite in Ojai to combat the falling ash and work tirelessly to remediate homes and places of work to get people back into the norm of their every day lives. 

19 Unit Large Loss

Recently our crews were dispatched to a large loss that started when a cash register caught on fire inside of a restaurant. This fire affected all 19 units in this strip mall and completely destroyed the initial unit. As a large loss response team our main goal is to get all businesses back into operation as quickly as we can, because we understand the urgency of being able to get back into operation. Remember to always call SERVPRO in case of any emergency. 

Electrical Fire

After a spark in some electrical work caught fire in this home the homeowners called SERVPRO once it was safe to enter to see to the fire remediation. The entire house was a few weeks of process but the family was thrilled with the end result. 

Warehouse Fire, Compton CA

This was the aftermath of a warehouse fire in Compton CA after a few days of removing all the contents. There was significant smoke and soot damage, the property manager couldn't believe how quickly we were able to get everything offsite for demo. 

Massive Fire in Encino, CA

This home was engulfed in flames and once the smoke dissipated SERVPRO of Encino/Sherman Oaks was called to help with the board up to ensure the safety of the home.  

Nasty Fire Takes Over Home

This was the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Encino when we arrived on the scene. There was a significant amount of soot and smoke damage. Even though the homeowners were distraught about their home they couldn't believe how quickly SERVPRO was able to board up their home.

Soot and Smoke Damage

This home suffered a small fire damage but the smoke and soot was unbearable. You can clearly see the footprints from tracking soot around the house. It was like revealing new floors once it was all cleaned up. 

Warehouse Fire, Encino CA

This warehouse caught fire late one evening and once the smoke went away and the panic settled they were able to call the professionals at SERVPRO Encino/Sherman Oaks to come help mitigate all smoke and water damage.