Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

three employees and a ladder in a hallway preparing for a mold remediation project

Mold Remediation Preparation

Our trained project technicians preparing for a mold remediation project. Our team first HEPA vacuums the specialized flooring assembly. Then we placed a high-quality RAM board, followed by 6 mil fire retardant plastic. Our team wears clean uniforms at all times and their shirts are tucked in.

Moldy Hotel

You never want to hear that the hotel you are staying in has been affected with mold, but SERVPRO has the training for all commercial jobs to make sure your business is back to normal as soon as possible. 

Containing the Mold

To keep microbial growth from spreading in your home our technicians create what we call "containments". Which is exactly what it sounds like, it allows the mold that is being disturbed to stay within and not contaminate other areas. 

You Don't Want Mold on Your Dishes

Mold is harmful and hazardous to your health, and it is not easy to remove by yourself. SERVPRO is the professionals you should trust in your home to remove any microbial growth. 

Mold Removal

This home went under major mold removal when the wife became sick from all the mold living within their walls. SERVPRO of Encino/Sherman Oaks was able to remove all the mold and get this family back to normal.

Moldy Crawl Space

Insulation in homes is the perfect reservoir for mold to grow and make home. These homeowners were trying to close escrow when the discovered their mold problem that had traveled into the home and decided to call the mold experts at SERVPRO of Encino/Sherman Oaks.

Mold in Crazy Places

Sometimes it is difficult to spot mold if you aren't really looking for it. This property manager began to notice small groups of mold in units and called SERVPRO of Encino/Sherman Oaks to come remove any and all affected areas. 

Hidden Mold

This mold was a mystery smell to the unit tenant for a long time because it was hidden behind her tv stand. But she trusted her gut and called SERVPRO Encino/Sherman Oaks to come out and get rid of it. 

Mold in the Walls

Sometimes mold is hard to detect but you can always rely on SERVPRO of Encino/Sherman Oaks to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Major precautions are always taken when mold may be, or is, present.