Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Bathroom Water Damage

These homeowners suffered from a bathtub that overflowed because of their young son who turned it on to take a bath and then became distracted and forgot. The w... READ MORE

Unknown Water Damage

Detecting water damage can be a difficult task as often water damage losses don’t become evident right away. In fact, most of them exist over a prolonged ... READ MORE

Bathroom Remediation Before/After

This bathroom in Moorpark, CA had massive water damage in their bathroom due to a pipe that had burst underneath the floor and was causing the tile to crack. It... READ MORE

Water Damage: Wet Books

After their roof was leaking without their knowledge these homeowners had extensive damage in the walls and ceiling of their home. We were able to save their bo... READ MORE

The Light Is....Leaking?

When the homeowners noticed their ceiling had started to bubble they didn't think much of it. But then the ceiling lights started to leak and they knew somethin... READ MORE

Kitchen Pipe Break

A pipe that lays under the kitchen of this home burst one evening and caused major water damage. You can see in the before photo the hardwood flooring is damage... READ MORE

Water in the Walls and Ceiling

This home in Sherman Oaks, CA started to notice bubbling in the paint of their walls and ceiling. They called a leak detection company out to find where the wat... READ MORE

Residential Toilet Overflow, Sherman Oaks CA

The bathroom in this Sherman Oaks home had to be completely re-mediated due to a pipe behind the toilet bursting and spraying water all over the bathroom. The b... READ MORE

Shower Overflow in Encino, CA

Shower/bath overflows are more than usual an accident; the faucet broke and won't shut off, your kiddo forgot to turn off the bath and didn't remember to get in... READ MORE

Water Damage Happens Even When You're Not There

These homeowners were out of town enjoying a vacation when they came home to realize that their ice maker in the fridge had broken and water was dripping from t... READ MORE

Bathroom Leak in Encino, CA

The toilet that is pictured above caused a bathroom leak throughout sections and areas of the home, including the bathroom itself and the hallway leading into a... READ MORE