What our Customers say...


SERVPRO did remediation work for us following water damage from a leaking pipe under the house. The work involved drying out and cleaning the crawl space under the house as well as multiple areas inside. The staff was thorough in first checking all areas to assess what needed to be done. They were careful when moving our items to clear areas for work and put up lots of plastic tenting so that dust and debris were contained. Overall, they did their best to minimize disruption and make space still safe and livable for us during the repair work. SERVPRO was prompt in contacting me and coming out right away to start work, accommodated our schedules, showed up on time each day, and kept us updated throughout the process. Everyone we dealt with at SERVPRO was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable.

The SERVPRO team was absolutely amazing! They handled everything from the drying of my home and making sure there is no mold to the repairs that were needed afterward. They worked with my insurance company and were very transparent with all the necessary work. The adjuster at first was a bit aggressive, but after SERVPRO documented and explained the protocols, we earned their trust. Can't recommend them enough!

When we had an employee in our office test positive for COVID-19 everyone was freaking out.  I called SERVPRO and Genna took the time to explain the disinfecting/sanitization process and explained the entire process their team goes through.  He mentioned a lot of high-profile accounts that have used their services, and what is done during their certification process.  They were even able to arrive a few hours after I called them. They had 4 SERVPRO staff members in full PPE onsite disinfecting our office space the same day. The full report, and testing that was provided put our staff at ease. If we were to experience any type of emergency I know exactly who to call in the future!

SERVPRO has handled several large losses for our company. In each case, they have provided outstanding service and communication throughout the process. They are highly recommended.

Oh man. About 2 weeks ago I realized that a tank of water which we kept on the floor had a tiny leak and slowly, the water did significant damage to our wooden floors. I was crushed. A family member recommended these guys after they cleaned his worksite (COVID-related). I looked at the pictures on their site and was a bit skeptical. Do I really need 20 people with hazmat suits in our house?! Well, 2 technicians showed up. They were wearing masks and clearly highly mindful of the pandemic (which relieved my wife). They quickly assessed the degree of damage. Checked for evidence of water damage within the floor and walls. Gave us a clear understanding of what to do next! Very fast, professional service. Special shout out to Genna, Alan, and Manny!

SERVPRO did an awesome job! They were fast, efficient and very professional. They are my "go to" for mold remediation. I highly recommend them.

Where do I start? I own a physical therapy clinic. We have stayed open from the beginning of this pandemic because we are considered essential. We have done really well for four months until last Wednesday. We got a phone call that one of our patients tested positive for the coronavirus (not from the clinic). We had heard before that one of our friends used this company. We called right around midnight. We were a little panicked because we weren't sure how to make sure that the clinic was safe for patients and employees' return. We ended up closing the clinic out of an abundance of caution. We spoke to someone a little before midnight and by 12:30 there was an eight person crew at our clinic. They were very professional. They came in, we walked the area and then we proceeded to leave. They got dressed in their hazmat suits and gloves and eye protection. I watched them work on the cameras. They cleaned every crevice of the clinic, the offices, the bathrooms , the break room. It took about four hours and the price was extremely reasonable for after hours work and on such short notice. The gentlemen that came were super friendly, very informative and very professional. We then hired them for our second location. Their work made us feel very safe to return personally and safe for our patients and employees to return as well. I highly recommend this company for their work, responsiveness and professionalism.  If anyone is looking for a deep disinfecting of the area you should call this company. The guy I spoke to was Genna.

Alan, upon finishing with your Simi Valley Team with my ordeal, I can’t say enough good things about Adam Fox and his crew in Simi. They were outstanding from the start. Adam does a great job in leading and guiding his group and is “hands-on.” This says a lot about his character. His demeanor is cool, calm, and very professional.

You have a great guy there in Adam and his people; you are lucky to have them.

I appreciate your leadership and advice for me from the beginning to understand the process and system to make my experience as best as possible.

The team packed me up a week or so ago, and I am writing a check to pay you off for the finish.

I am certainly going to post another appropriate note on Google and continue to recommend to everyone about contacting SERVPRO of Simi Valley and SERVPRO of Encino for any and all of their needs.

Please reach out to me anytime if I can help in business or personally.

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and happy new year!

I would definitely recommend this SERVPRO to all my family and friends. The seal to my washer broke and flooded my laundry room. SERVPRO came in no time to get all the water out and they laid down several pieces of machines to help with the drying. They were honest with the work and didn't try to over sell me. I was able to keep my tile floor that was newly installed recently.

Believe it or not, this is my third water loss in my home. Unbelievable. Nevertheless, I was very unhappy with the last 2 companies I have used. I asked my agent to help find me a good company. He did. He found me SERVPRO. My saviors. I was updated every single day. They wore booties because my expensive hard wood flooring was not water damaged this time. Thank God. They protected my floors, I cannot even explain how much that means to me because these floors are brand new! Overall the experience was great and I hope I never have another flippin water loss again.... But if I do I know who to call

Alan and the team at SERVPRO were great when my grandma had a hot water leak at her house. They made the process smooth and as easy on her as possible. She had to move out while they did the repair work, but they took care of her home and did a wonderful job of keeping the family updated with their progress. Her house looks better than ever and we're all so happy that she's back in her clean, safe, comfortable home

SERVPRO of Encino/Sherman Oaks are absolutely TOP NOTCH.  They are professional, prompt, reliable, and have excellent verbal and daily written communication updates so you are not left in the dark.  I used them for a complicated water remediation project in a condo homeowner's association that flooded both the common area and inside of a condo unit

Unfortunately, I've needed SERVPRO's services twice in the last 12 years and both times they did NOT disappoint. My upstairs neighbor's hot water heater burst 2 weeks ago and from minute one, SERVPRO was responsive and helpful. Jenny Konstantinovskaya was my rep and she went above and beyond to make sure I understood how it worked with insurance, walking me through what the process would be to clean, dry, and demo, coordinating their tech times with my tenants, answering all my questions and even helping me find a contractor to make all the necessary repairs. She made this very stressful event a little bit easier to deal with, even after SERVPRO's work was finished. I couldn't recommend her and SERVPRO more! Thank you!

I can't be more thankful for all that Team SERVPRO has helped us through. They understand the emotions homeowners go through and really work hard to ease the pain of the losses we have had from the fire. Communication was perfect and they set the bar in quality. Special thank you to Nora and Alan. You guys and everyone are ROCKSTARS!

Marc came out for an emergency sewage leak within an hour of receiving the phone call. Very friendly, extremely knowledgeable. Great customer service. They came to the premises on a national holiday to sort this out for us. It was resolved same day. They also helped us fill out the paperwork to file the claim with the city. Can't recommend highly enough.

This team was the very definition of what professionalism is supposed to be, if not more. They were meticulous and did not leave a single stone un-turned, they were knowledgeable and did their jobs while respecting me, my time and space, and the property itself. They treated me as more than just a client. 

I was extremely impressed and satisfied with SERVPRO, especially Nora and Jessie. Job well done.

Everyone that was involved with us was clean and responsive and courteous of our situation The office kept us informed and we were very impressed with the whole operation.

I had flooding on my patio and my carpet in the house was getting wet. Marc Sallin came over  on a Sunday even though it was his day off. While SERVPRO doesn't stop the water, just cleans up after it, he was able to identify the problem and advise me what to do. Fortunately it wasn't as serious as I feared. He was the best! I would recommend him highly and would definitely use him again if the need arises.

I really can't say enough.. Wow!! I am so glad I don't have water damage a lot but if I do again.. This SERVPRO is great! Our house flooded after crazy rains, Bernice and her team were amazing to work with. Thorough and clear in explaining how and why they did what they did. They documented well and worked with the Insurance company, providing them with clear outlined status reports.

These guys are the best. Unfortunately I've had to use them two times. Very professional. Great follow up and communication. If you need mitigation work, which in my case was for mold, look no further. Didn't leave until job was completely finished, with no mess left behind.

My first call was to my insurance agency who recommend that I call SERVPRO. My Claims Manager, Nora Choe, ran a tight and happy ship, keeping all parties informed, being available at all times and never failing to explain carefully the various duties and requirements of the entire process. We were innocents. The technicians  assigned to our project were equally patient, fielding questions knowledgeably and cheerfully. Hessler and Jesse alternated  managing their teams very well ( and Jesse's broken arm never stopped any progress!) Both men were most considerate of our feelings, as well as of our property. Punctuality is their middle name. If asked advice by friends and neighbors, we will suggest they call SERVPRO Encino/Sherman Oaks.

My son used SERVPRO just before I had my fire damage and recommend that I give them a call, and I am glad I did. They were extremely professional with both claims and did their best work, I could have not asked for better service. 

A fire that started in our bathroom vent was quickly put about but then our ceiling needed some help. We called SERVPRO out and they were great, the technicians were friendly and professional. We were able to move the process along quickly and it was pleasant. I was very impressed. 

The project manager, Matt, was great on site, with amazing communication and explanation of services. Everyone was clean and professional and I felt comfortable in the middle of chaos. 

After a water pipe burst in our building, we were amazed to see SERVPRO n site late that evening to begin the dry out process to minimize any further damage. The project manager, Matthew, was a real pro. 

We are an HOA and we love to use SERVPRO for all our restoration needs. Our unit tenants love them and we trust them with all of our jobs. Outside of work we all recommend SERVPRO to friends and family because we know they will be taken care of. 

My business experience water damage and I was referred to SERVPRO by family member that had used their services before. I was impressed with the level of professionalism and service I received. I will be telling all my friends, colleagues, and family members to always use SERVPRO. 

Our dental office had some water damage in a few offices and SERVPRO was able to come out after office hours and do all the work necessary to keep our doors open and in business. Everyone was friendly to work with and we appreciated all of their help. 

After a pipe burst in our Sherman Oaks everyone was set in a panic. I contacted SERVPRO of Encino/Sherman Oaks about our water damage and they worked quickly with us to get the process started. Everything went smoothly and we were able to work side by side and with our insurance to get our doors open sooner than thought. 

When I had a fire at my home in Encino, I called SERVPRO and they came out and put us at ease from the first day. They started the process immediately and dealt with our insurance company to make sure everything they were doing was documented and covered. All in all it was a very pleasant experience during a difficult time. 

The home I rent out was affected by the Santa Clarita fires that spread, while the home was not directly affected it still was covered in soot and smoke. SERVPRO was able to come out and remove all the damage both inside and outside of the home and make it livable again. 

The apartment complex that I live in didn't have the best fire and smoke detectors and when I returned home from work one evening I learned there had been a fire in my apartment. The property manager had SERVPRO on the scene and I quickly became acquainted with Marc and felt at peace with everything going on. I was impressed and felt comfortable through the whole process.

The roof on my house began leaking during a massive rain storm, I called SERVPRO late in the evening and they arrived shortly after to aid me. They were able to cover the roof and begin work immediately to stop any further damage. I was very impressed and will be recommending them to friends and family. 

SERVPRO was very professional, prompt, and polite. I am very impressed with the level of service and could not have asked for better service. They were there for me in my time of need.

Our roof was leaking and we couldn't find an emergency roofer in our time of need. We called SERVPRO with hopes that they would be able to help and they were able to come out when the rain died and tarp our roof. It was quick and easy and stopped any more rain from coming into our home. Thankfully we didn't experience much water damage or else I would have used them for their water emergency services as well. 

After unexpected rains the large tree in our backyard fell over and took out our pool fence. When everything calmed down we called SERVPRO out to the scene and they were able to remove the tree and set up a temporary fence all within the same day. We couldn't believe how quickly the process was! I was able to talk with some of the technicians about some of the other services they offer and if I ever have the need for them again I won't waste any time getting in contact with SERVPRO of Encino/Sherman Oaks. 

My wife confirmed we had mold in our laundry room after becoming sick and having symptoms of mold in our home. We called SERVPRO of Encino/Sherman Oaks because of the referrals given to us by friends and we were just as impressed. I don't wish to have another mold problem but if we do I know who we will be calling. 

We had mold in our home in one of our most lived in areas, the bar right off of the kitchen. We had suspected mold for a few weeks and finally called SERVPRO to come help us with our mold remediation. They were impeccable with detail and kept us in the loop on everything, we will be recommending them to those close to us.  

SERVPRO of Encino/Sherman Oaks was much help to me in during the water damage that entered into my home. Without their helpful office staff, and high trained technicians I would have been completely lost. I am impressed with the level of service and could not have asked for better. 

I want to compliment SERVPRO Encino/Sherman Oaks on their recent handling of my fire claim. SERVPRO did a wonderful job of handling the work from start to finish, the communication to us was great and all work was professional. They responded quickly and this helped minimize potential further damage to our home. Overall, we found the staff to be extremely efficient from beginning to end. Based on our experience, if we ever had another claim we would use them, but we will of course refer them to friends and family. 

SERVPRO was the first company to arrive and tend to our moisture problems from the water damage we suffered in our home. SERVPRO Encino/Sherman Oaks was one of the companies that Mercury Insurance recommended, we are grateful for their recommendation. They were extremely professional, very educated in the step by step process that occurs, attentive, and polite. We would definitely recommend this company to our friends and family.

“SERVPRO Encino/Sherman Oaks responded quickly and this helped minimize potential further damage to our home. Their field staff was courteous and clean, and all of the conversations we had with the office we timely and informative. Overall, we found the staff to be extremely efficient from beginning to end. They always arrived on time and we have found them to be incredibly professional.

“Based on the experience we had with SERVPRO Encino/ Sherman Oaks, not only would we use them moving forward, we would highly recommend them to our friends and family. It was truly a great experience during a very difficult time.”

"Thank you so much for taking care of me during this very difficult time. You and your people were instrumental in drying out the wet, damaged areas of my home and prevented further damage and possible mold growth"

" After a water pipe burst in my home, I called SERVPRO of Encino and Alan came over right away to begin the restoration process thereby turning a bad situation around. Not only were Alan and Marc both neat, knowledgeable and extremely professional, they were always on hand to provide reassurance when I needed it most. "

"Jeff and I are delighted to recommend SERVPRO. It makes it very easy for us to express our appreciation for fast, efficient, clean, and friendly service in the time of need"

"We recently experienced a water loss at our house in Encino and we were referred to SERVPRO Encino to handle our claim..Jackie worked closely with our adjuster in order to gain approvals on all proposed work..We would highly recommend them."

"I am writing this letter to show my complete appreciation of you and your company...Berenice did a great job of keeping me informed of the scheduling and when workers would be coming and going from my home. Berenice worked closely with our adjuster in order to gain approvals on all proposed work. Thank you SERVPRO Encino"

"Thank you so much for the personal attention you provided us at our home. Your team did a great job of providing fantastic service and much needed expertise in our time of need."

"We recently experienced a water loss at our beach house in Oxnard and our insurance broker referred SERVPRO Encino to our claim. They were instrumental in drying out the wet, damaged areas of our home and prevented further damage and possible mold growth"

"Thank you so much for working with us & for all your teams wonderful help this past March"

"I wanted to thank you and your team for responging so quickly to us last Saturda. As you know, we had just closed on this house and the first day we had a toilet overflow. Very stressful! You showed up within an hour or so and really put us at ease. Then Abraham showed up with the equipment and you guys started addressing the issue immediately. Most importantly, you were able to get a plumber out to fix the problem. I cannot tell you how pleased I am at the response"

"We literally had an inch or more of water throughout our entire first floor. Our hardwood floors were covered and our baseboards and cabinets were getting soaked. You and your team showed and took care of business. You guys analyzed the situation, set up the necessary equipment in order to minimize damageto my home, and helped us file the claim."